Saturday, June 28, 2014

"Brooklyn Baby Daddy" is becoming a book, will you help fund it?

Hi Everyone,
I've come and gone with this blog, I know this, but it's served an important purpose. I've taken what is on this blog, added my own journal entries, and written a book based on the stories here. It's being edited by a pro, which is where you come in.

If you've enjoyed my blog please consider donating to my Kickstarter campaign. It's called "Editing Brooklyn Baby Daddy: A Love Story."

Here is a link to my Kickstarter page:

Here is a short description of how I see this book going:

 "Baby Daddy" is a true love story about parenting, heartbreak, marriage and Brooklyn. Wanna help me get it edited?

This book is the story of my life, literally, from 2008, when my daughter was born, until 2010, when my family moved from Brooklyn, NY to Louisville, Ky. I think I tell the story honestly, as this is a memoir. The shattering joy of seeing my first child come into this world. The love I felt for my wife when I saw the amazing thing she had done. The reality of what it's like to just scrape by in New York City on the salaries of a journalist and school teacher. The dark days when my daughter didn't sleep for almost a year and a half. The vibrancy of raising a child in New York, the most amazing city in the world. The community of other young parents around us, as we raised our children together in Brooklyn. The incredible difficulty and sadness of seeing my beloved wife descend into a state of desperate postpartum depression brought on by living in that same amazing city; and it only got worse from there. The Great Recession lurking over all, as I wrote about it at The terror of feeling like New York was trying to kill us. The fights we had about whether or not we should move. This is it, folks, parenting. This is the real deal, the real story, from a journalist with an eye for detail. It's magnificence, it's desperation, humor, and how it completely transforms your life with its amazing love. Whether you want it to or not. It's all in my book. Now all we need is for it to be edited. Which is why I hired an editor. And this campaign is to pay for that editor.(BTW, my editor says it's going really well, and I am a wonderful storyteller. So you're backing a winner here! Without question!) Thank you.

If you've enjoyed this blog at all, or gotten anything out of it, please consider any donation at all, even $1. It's all appreciated, and all helps this book become a reality. Thank you.

Louisville, Ky.