Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Thought I Had To Share This Picture

She wakes up, once again, several times a night, kvetches often when she's not close to Mom's Dairy, and the bottle feeding thing is going just okay.

But, by god, that's a cute baby!


Nora said...

Okay... Crazy Aunt Nora over here demands this one sent to me via some method please so I can order it in a 1000 different sizes. She's just the cutest little girl in history. And that dress!!!! Oh, she's a fashionista! She looks perfect in blue!

David Serchuk said...

Thanks Nora! Actually she's so cute, because she's a dead ringer for Randi when Randi was her age, other than the eyes. Those are mine, but that's about it!


Lauren said...

She looks so darling in light blue! :)

alexlady said...

what a flirty girl!!! watch out for this one! ;)