Friday, September 19, 2008

Who's Reading BBD? Inquiring Minds Want To Know!

One of the pleasures of writing this blog is seeing who actually reads it. I don't have a ton of readers, but they--or I should say you--come from all over the U.S. and even all over the globe.

Another pleasure is seeing HOW people have found the blog. The answers are varied. Most, as you might guess, are people interested in parenting issues. But not all.

I know this because my Sitemeter service not only tells me how many hits a day BBD gets, but from where. It also tells me what searches people do on various websites like Google that lead them here. Don't worry, it doesn't link up names to this info, so I still don't know who is making the various searches, or reading from where. And I wouldn't try to find out. And if I found out, which I haven't, I wouldn't post it here!

But it has been an eye opener to see the Google requests people have made that have brought them to BBD. To show this I have included, below, my favorite searches people have used to find BBD, often by accident I suppose. I have included comments where I deem appropriate.

1. "Baby Daddy Shirtless." Yes, someone did a Google search and logged onto BBD in the hopes, so far in vain, of seeing if I am anywhere shirtless. Sorry to disappoint, although there are many photos of me resting my rump on a couch. I am sure your imagine can fill in the rest.

2. "Wesley Snipes Doctor Tar Baby." I have to admit this one caught me by surprise. What amazed me is how specific it is. Incidentally it relates both to my post about vaccinating Stella, and the one where I described selling my comic books. In the former I talked about how Baby Tylenol is like tar, and in the latter I dared compare myself to the star of "New Jack City." What this guy was actually looking for I can only guess.

3. "Sarchuk Blog New York." I include this one because it relates to the debacle, where some of the posters wrote my name wrong, and started ripping on this "Sarchuk" guy, entitled yuppie that he is. Yeah, you go get that Sarchuk!

4. "Do baby daddy get mornind sickness too." To my great relief, the answer is no. And yes, they wrote "mornind."

5. "Yay." I love the simplicity of this Google search, it's almost as if someone needs an online verification of what feeling good could look like. It might be something like this post.

6. Big Tits "Annie K." Sorry Anne K. Nodes, someone clicked on my blog after doing a weird Google search. And they started a trend, too, as you are about to see ...

7. "Breast Milk Vampires." Relates to this post ...

8. "Young Mother Breasts Suck Milk Vampires." I think SOMEONE has a very specific fetish ...

9. "Titty Sucking Vampires." Okay, as they say in journalism three is a trend ...

10. "Free Long Bouncing Boobs Milk." This Google quester is Greek, by the way. For whatever that's worth. I don't have any idea how BBD relates to this at all.

And finally ...

11. "Hungry Monster Video Game By Tandy." Yes! A callback to one of my favorite entries, wherein I describe, in way too much detail, my attachment to a terrible handheld Pac-Man knockoff from the early 1980s.

As more funny Google queries come in I will post them. I am always amazed by how far people will go to find something on the Internet that meets with their very particular area of interest. I am sure that when they click on BBD it's quite the letdown, especially if they wanted a Titty Sucking Vampire. Or at least one that isn't still in diapers. I hope.


Holly said...

Lol! That is really funny. I've gotten a few questionable searches on my blog, but nothing remotely comparing to yours. Maybe I need to start writing about boobs!

David Serchuk said...

Hi Holly,
Yes, you'd be amazed what simply putting the word "boob" in your blog can do for its searchability. Although in your context it might be a bit of a stretch?

And, trust me, readers come for the boobs but stay for the endless stories about trying to get some sleep.


Rachel said...

Those are great searches! People with vampire-boob-suckling fetishes must have a really tough time finding anything by parenting sites.

Rosewood said...

Bwahahahaha, those are hilarious. I only showed up here through Randi's link on APA.

David Serchuk said...

Hi Rachel,
Yes, I feel for those poor souls. Perhaps they might want to start their own blog, though? It seems like there are quite a few people out there who share this particular obsession. Hey, I'm giving a great idea away!

Hi Rosewood,
Sure you did, sure. :-)


alexlady said...

excellent. i have some boob beads that i've been trying to figure a way to incorporate into nursing jewelry... made them with sculpey. maybe that'll get me some traffic!!

The Zellers said...

I read the BBD, found the link on American Pregnancy site that I have read. I find your blog very funny, I love the "daddy" prospective on everything!

David Serchuk said...

Hi Alex,
Yes, the boob beads will surely catch some attention. I have another blog about funny Google links coming, and, believe me, many of them relate to boobs.

Hi Zellers,
Good to have you aboard, and thank you for reading! I promise to try and keep the daddy perspective coming! I hope it's fun for you, as I sure enjoy writing about it. I hope to also post more photos and little videos as we go.