Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ocean Parkway Idiosyncracies: A Photo Essay

The above photo is from a local liquor store. Yes, it's a bottle of liquor in the shape of a woman's shoe. This picture is my introduction to this little photo essay about my neighorhood, Kensington, off Ocean Parkway, and what I find so interesting about it. It's very Eastern European and Orthodox Jewish, with a mixture of other groups thrown in. Sometimes things in their respective cultures doesn't translate as well to my eyes as they might think.

And away we go ...

For example, this place is called Tard

Fax and a haircut ... two bits! (Note: I have gotten my haircut at Vital's. Have yet to send a fax or make copies.)

No, I think we'll be dining in at Castle Dracula tonight.

They have "caucasian" food. Probably won't be opening any branches downtown.

Below are more photos from the really cool local liquor store where I took the photo of the shoe. This store features booze in a variety of strange and wonderful bottles. Such as below, the cognac sturgeon?

Santa Claus, a huntsman, and a porcelain peasant woman: booze porters all.

Whoa boy! Which is probably what you will be saying when you finish this particular bottle.

Booze manequins!

Chasing the dragon ... (Also, I just noticed the part you drink from comes straight out of the dragon's ass.)

I've heard of shotgunning a beer, but this takes the cake.

Okay, THIS takes the cake; also probably not a lot of fun to get through customs.


Kellygirlnyc said...

Wow. I have to shoe...oops. I mean show this post to Leth. He'd get a big kick out of it. :) I love these kinds of funny things. Especially the drink coming out of the dragon's ass. HA!

David Serchuk said...

Hi Kelly,
Thanks for the comments. Yeah, I think Lethem would enjoy this. I smell anniversary present!


Liz said...

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