Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dads Wanted For Storytelling Show

Hi All,
I am producing a storytelling show featuring dads in NYC. We are going to do it live on Father's Day and it's called ... Father's Day. If you are a dad and have a great story, or know a dad, send this on to him/them.

I love stories that are fun, funny and truthful. If this sounds like you and you feel confident doing five minutes in front of a friendly crowd email me at

The show will be at Ochi's Lounge, downstairs at Comix.

If you wish to participate send me a short version of your story, and tell me a little bit about yourself, and your history as a writer, performer, dad or what have you. You don't need a ton of stage experience to be in this show, you just need to want to tell a great, heartfelt story. :-)

--Dave, the BBD


Holly said...

Obviously, I'm not a dad, but I just wanted to tell you that sounds really cool! Good luck!

David Serchuk said...

Hi Holly,
I think it will be a really fun show. Hope to see you guys there!