Thursday, May 13, 2010

TMI Alert: Baby Poop

Yeah, if you don't want to read about The Brooklyn Baby learning how to poop in the potty maybe this isn't the entry for you.

Anyway, assuming you're still reading here we go.

It's been a bit of a struggle to get Stella to go on the potty. Which is frustrating because she initially seemed to take to it so well. She was, dare we say, precocious about it. Before her bath we'd let her run around naked for about 20 minutes and then bring her over to the potty. She'd sit on it for a few minutes and eventually started to tinkle in it. Which was great. This was about four months ago or so.

Then, I guess, we just sort of got lazy about it. And stopped with the training so much, because we figured, oh, she's got this.

Needless to say, there were many pee-pees on the floor that followed, as did many poopoos on the floor too. God I hope she doesn't read this blog when she's like 15 years old.

But in the past few days we've been really focusing on it again. You see I would kind of bribe her to sit on the toilet by reading to her. She would sit for the length of the book and then get up, and move onto the next thing, without going in the potty. Then, most times, she would promptly go on the floor. Thank god baby pee has a mild floor cleaning agent!

But tonight, at last, we had success. And the irony is I didn't even feel like doing the whole routine tonight, because I thought we weren't getting anywhere.

But I gave it one more try. She got naked before her bath, I bribed her with a story and she sat on the potty. She made some little grunting sounds, which she does alot anyway, and that was it, I thought. Nothing. However, when she got up, voila! A huge poop. I mean it was like man sized. I was shocked!

And then we cheered and Randi gave her a Girl scout cookie. Amidst all this cheering and clapping and positive reinforcement Stella looked mildly surprised and a bit taken aback, I guess, by our raucous and happy reaction. But she took the compliments gracefully and destroyed the cookie. Then Randi wiped her now more accomplished tushie and I prepared her bath.

For a brief moment I thought I would take a picture of this proud moment, but then I thought better of it. It was a milestone, yes, but I think, in this case, my memory will serve just fine.

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Holly said...

LOL! Love the last paragraph. Congratulations, Dave, Randi, and Stella! Good work, all!