Friday, September 17, 2010

Erev Yom Kippur

The headline here means that tonight is Yom Kippur Eve. It's strange, being a Jew. Nobody goes to synagogue for the fun holidays but they pack 'em in for the most downbeat day off the entire year. This is the one you cannot miss if you want to consider yourself a real Jew, and it includes a fast no less. I know a lot of people who don't do anything religious all year and they still fast.

Anyway, sorry about the lack of blog posts recently. I really don't have a great excuse. I've been Mr. Momming it a lot recently, which is exhausting and time consuming. During the time I have off I am trying to get jobs, which seems to take a long time, and yield no real concrete results, at least not yet.

I have to be honest, during this time of year I miss the East Coast. The weather is as nice as it gets there and this time of the year is always special to me. Not just the leaves, but those too. It's everything, it feels like a time of renewal in the tri-state area.

I am still getting used to Louisville, but feel homesick to be honest. I still feel like I have to meet more people and do more things, become more social. It's been a real period of feeling like whatever I do or however busy I feel I feel I'm not doing enough, and am letting myself down. A negative train of though, I know, but I always feel I can do better and more.

Some good stuff too. I have tried to start a band, and it seems like the winds might be finally blowing in my direction. We had a great practice last Tuesday with a new drummer, an excellent guy named Steve. Great drummer too. We also have another singer guitarist, Scott, who is great, and a wonderful bassist, Tim. It's a jinx to talk about this stuff in public too much before we've even done one gig, but it has been a really, really fun project. I am so excited to play songs with these guys. Before this I had only played the songs for myself or maybe for Randi. The good news is they sound good with an actual band. Of course they need polishing, but that's to be expected. Still, what a thrill.

My big project I've been putting off is a book proposal. The problem is, I have to narrow whatever proposal I do to something easy to grasp and quick. This should not bee too hard, as I am an editor, but I haven't let myself have the time yet. Why? I'm being lame, I don't know. I have been told by many folks that I should do it. I would like to, too!

I am going to University of Louisville next week for orientation. I am interested in changing my path, and look forward to seeing the school. From there it is not at all inconceivable that I could begin an education major in the Spring semester. I need and want to try something new.

Stella is watching "The Wonder Pets" right now as I type. I feel guilty about making a cartoon her babysitter, but I have to have some time to do some of my projects.

Got a big dinner tonight, as we don't eat tomorrow. I was going to try my hand at a brisket, but it takes longer than I thought and we don't have all the ingredients anyway. So the brisket will have to wait.

Went home for Rosh Hashonah last weekend, and had a great, great time. I will write more about my high school reunion in the next entry. I almost didn't go, because I was embarrassed about being without a job, but my sister convinced me I should go anyway. Because a lot of these folks may not be around for the next reunion, know what I mean?

It was great to be home, see loved family and old friends. A good time was had by all and I left feeling very good about myself, despite my trepidation. But, like I said, more on that next time.

Ciao! (And easy fast for those who are fasting!)


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to weigh in as I've very much been in your shoes as a new arrival. Before I was employed in L'ville, I found it hard to connect; everyone seemed to have something to do except me (this was bk--before kids--which of course results in a humongo pile of "something to do".) Many folks have been here forever; my kids continue to experience that fact with friends who have all sorts of extended family here while we have none and have to get out of Dodge to see them (mostly although my family does visit.) In any case the southern hospitality can take awhile to gel but I trust your family of bandmates will open those doors and others will follow.

Best wishes for the holiday; if you need any connects at UofL I have several. Happy Fall, Chris

David Serchuk said...

Hi Chris,
Thank you for the encouragement and for the offered help with U of L. I hope we run into one another some day so I can say hello in person!

Also, have a great fall too!