Monday, May 27, 2013

The Brooklyn Baby Daddy ... Book?

I've never sought to make a dime from the readers of this blog. You know, polluting your experience with banner ads so I could reap a few shekels from this enterprise. 

But there is something I've done that might be of interest to you readers. I've written, over the past two years, a book. Some of it is based on the work in this blog, some of it was new as I wrote the book, some of it was from journals I kept during the time I wrote this blog. It's good stuff, and tells the whole story of our lives from right before Stella's birth to two years later. A fascinating, tumultuous, trans-formative time in all our lives. And a funny one, too.  

Would you have interest in reading such a book? If so, let me know. You can even let me know by emailing me at Or you can let me know on this blog. I very much hope that assuming I get it published, which is the goal, of course, that if you've enjoyed this blog that you would support my book. 

It's not a thing where you don't need to buy the cow because the milk was free. You've only gotten some of this milk free, much of it you've never gotten the chance to drink, I mean, read. 

But you can. If you buy my book when it's time!


Holly said...

I'd support your book!

Avery said...

I'll drink to that... and read the book!

Nora said...

One yes vote over here!!!!

Randi said...

Yes yes yes! Publish that book!

Anonymous said...

I would want to buy my cousins book. Arlene