Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Night's Alright ...

True dat, it just is. Spent a nice day in lovely Prospect Park with the BBM, the Brooklyn Baby and our friend Eric Molinsky. Eric is a former roommate from good old Wesleyan University, class of '94, like your author here.

The park is just one of those lovely things that I never seem to get to quite enough. It has lovely concerts, and great rolling meadow, bird watching expeditions, and, yes, the occassional murder, but we don't let that get in the way of our enjoyement. It's especially important for us to get out there as much as possible as the summer is now more than halfway over, and we've spent a lot of it in a dark room trying to get a baby to sleep. That's more that BBM's area during the day than mine, but we kind of have cabin fever.

Stella cried and fussed for a fair amount when we were up there, and hadn't napped at all well this morning, either, but we're beginning to figure out what could be going wrong. The sudden upshot in fussiness after the shots might be linked, possibly to the rotovirus vaccine, as it gives children a live dose of the virus, and some say it's linked to gastro-intestinal reflux, which Stella has pretty bad. She burps a lot, and seems to swallow a lot of burbs that then make her wail when they go back down. The poor thing, it's always something with her. But she's definitely in some kind of major discomfort, and unless we give her the magic gripe water, which only partly works, she writhes and wriggles, which are both symptoms of a rotovirus-related problem.

Which makes us not all that psyched to give her yet another dose of the rotovirus vaccine Monday as we are scheduled to. We aren't against the vaccines, it's just that we've kind of taken out a legal practice in Murphy's Law by this point, and know that if something can go wrong it almost certainly will.

But Stella is what we live for, and we will do all we can for her. Tomorrow we go to Long Island for a trip!

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