Monday, May 11, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

Yesterday was a fun day, though. Woke up, took care of the Brooklyn Baby Baby so the Brooklyn Baby Momma could stay in bed. Changed the diapers, fed her, or tried to -- she's gotten to be quite picky with me about what she eats.

Eventually Randi woke up and I made her breakfast while she sat with Stella, or ran with Stella or crawled after her. Made breakfast, gave Randi her presents, including a nice cardigan sweater, and then she tutored.

After that we hit the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. The cherry blossoms were gone, but the Japanese were in full bloom and as big as salad plates. They smelled absolutely divine.

Though the flowers were gone yesterday was a gorgeous day all the same, with a nice gentle breeze, lots of sun and slightly bracing air. It was a great gift from god on Mother's Day. Thanks God!

As we sat on the grass there, Stella looked up at the trees, pointed at them. She doesn't like grass, so she snuggled close to us. I would lie on my back and hold her up and she'd scream in delight and then collapse onto my chest, burrowed tight, for a few seconds at least. Then we sat together and enjoyed being three, realizing how precious this moment is. But we realized more. Without trying to kill it by writing about it, Randi and I both knew, at the same time, that this was what everything had lead to, why things had gone as they did, that our lives were really leading to that moment, on the grass, together, us three as a family. If you'd ever done illicit substances, and god knows I sure haven't, it was a moment of clarity akin to when you feel the heart of the world pulse through your veins, the wind, the leaves, the breeze the one beside you, the girl, the woman, the man. Everything became very still, and very calm.

Following that we got back in the car and Stella Bella took one of her totally unpredictable naps. She slept in the car for over an hour, and we didn't want to jostle her so we stayed in the car, too.

When Stella finally woke up we went to the playground and swung her in the bucket swings, her screaming, so happy. Looking, again, at the sun.

Then we sat down again, lakeside, on the grass, as people grilled all around us, mmm, it smelled so good. We wanted to ask for a few handouts, maybe they could throw a burger over their shoulders to us, and we would catch it in mid-air. But no luck, not that we asked.

It was getting late, so we drove back to our pad, and played with Stella, she had naked playtime, and then it was time for her bath. I tried to brush her teeth, but without much luck. She does have teeth now, though, as there are two of them. Bottom front, very cute, except for when she used them to bite my finger, or Randi's nipple. Which she does, quite a bit.

Then, one more topper on the day. Randi's great friend Colleen was kind enough to agree to babysit, and she dropped by. It was supposed to be a surprise, but Randi had smoked me out that afternoon, by asking if we could go to Five Guys Burgers. In a moment of utter lying I said I didn't want to go. Randi knows I love that place, so she smelled a rat.

But, even though the surprise was ruined, or "fucking ruined" as Simon from the "Real Housewives of NYC" would say, we made it to the Farm On Adderly, in Ditmas Park anyway, for a truly great dinner.

It was one of those perfect days. But nothing less than Randi deserved. She's been working so hard on herself and this marriage, that it makes me more proud to be married to her every day. It was an honor to share Mother's Day with her. Stella even slept the whole time Colleen was over. Now THAT'S a Mother's Day present.

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